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reviewed in the united states on january 24, 2019

verified purchase

purchased this product many times, but now the formula has been changed as well as the bottle color. new formula includes “parfum/fragrance” which is totally unnecessary. i really hate the fragrance. old darken bottle showed the percentage of “illumiscin” at 6% and stay-c 50 at 3% and focused product as a “power serum”. new light colored bottle does not mention “illumiscin” or “stay-c 50” on the bottle itself…info. is on the outer package. although the new packaging and new formula is a “brightening serum”, i do not see the same results versus the original formula.

i will no longer buy this product and cannot recommend this new formula. although purchased this product from “lucky girl uk”, the invoice showed “”.

reviewed in the united states on february 28, 2018

verified purchase

i use this with my k beauty routine, its a great serum! only reason for 5 stars it because i have another vitamin c serum i use more often that i like better

reviewed in the united states on april 19, 2020

verified purchase

i found this wonderful product years ago and have not been without it since. i recommend it often to friends and family. i have found that it works beautifully and helps keep my skin healthy and clear. if it had not been this good i would not have been a faithful customer for so many years!

reviewed in the united states on may 8, 2020

verified purchase

good quality, feels nice on skin, noticeable difference in texture.

reviewed in the united states on august 15, 2019

verified purchase

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awesome !!!! love this serum so much !

reviewed in the united states on december 18, 2016

verified purchase

not greasy just perfect! my skin feels and looks great!!

reviewed in the united states on may 14, 2016

verified purchase

truly recommend this product. i purchased it for my mother after she had ran out of hers that she got at marshalls. she instantly fell in love with it she says it makes her skin look truly health and youthful and feels very nice on the skin. i can truly see the notice of how reviving and youthful she looks.

reviewed in the united states on february 11, 2018

verified purchase

mild smell and non-greasy texture. skin got radiant after 3 weeks of using. affordable with good quality.

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5.0 out of 5 stars awesome!!

reviewed in the united kingdom on may 4, 2017

verified purchase

absolutely brilliant. i had a really bad break out of acute acene as an adult, and tried everything my doctor prescribed antibiotics but i felt surely there’s a much more natural way of dealing with this. after researching this product was recommended i tried along with the derma roller and haven’t looked back. my skin is brighter, clearer and healing really.


4.0 out of 5 stars perfect for oily skin

reviewed in the united kingdom on december 28, 2018

verified purchase

i value having clearer skin rather than buying make up to cover it up.

finding products for oily skin is problematic, however this serum is so light-weight and quick-absorbing, it doesn’t feel heavy or slippery at all, it does leave a sticky feeling but in a nice “oh-wow-my-skin-absorbed-that-quickly” kinda way.

i cleanse my face at night and apply a couple of drops to my face and pat it, i let it soak in for about 15 mins and then top up with night lotion.

i have seen a drastic difference after two weeks use (once a day). my skin feels clear and bright. i haven’t used foundation in over a month because i love the look of my skin so much.

if you have scarring because of spots then this will work a treat. for me personally this did not work on my under-eyes, maybe with prolonged use, but i’ve yet to see it.

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overall, excellent.


4.0 out of 5 stars good as a primer, not so great for reducing marks.

reviewed in the united kingdom on february 22, 2019

verified purchase

got this to help reduce hyper pigmentation and melasma marks. didn’t really help with the skin lightening (i’m south asian with medium tan skin tone if that helps) but did make my skin pretty smooth but you will need a moisturizer on top as it can dry out if you have dry patches. also you can get this at savers for like 2£ instead of the 7 at amazon.


5.0 out of 5 stars reviving and moisturising

reviewed in the united kingdom on may 23, 2018

verified purchase

this product is lovely, and very good value for the price. runny, but not too much, on application.m, it quickly dries out and forms a nice base for a moisturiser. my skin is feeling more hydrated and soft, on the days on which i use it and it gives itit a mid day boost if i’m feeling a bit dry. my skin is oily, and i think that’s it helps keep that in control, along with a gel moisturiser.


5.0 out of 5 stars the number one vitamin c product

reviewed in the united kingdom on april 27, 2018

verified purchase

this is my second order for the balance cosmetics active formula vitamin c and i highly recommend this product.

i had a pigmentation mark on my right cheek and this product has helped fade it.

i had to order 4 bottles as my daughter uses it for her acne scars and she too has noticed a great difference with them fading.

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